Where To Build On The Sunshine Coast – The Area’s Hot Suburbs

The Sunshine Coast is home to a number of hot suburbs housing a diverse range of real estate; Beachfront homes, hinterland and rural properties and almost everything in between. Building a new home in this beautiful area of Queensland is something that hundreds of Australians do each and every year. Opting for a relaxed lifestyle amongst the best of what nature can offer, it certainly is an area popular for young couples, professionals, families and retirees. So if you were to build on the Sunshine Coast , where would you look? Here are a few of the best suburbs in the area.

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Sunshine Coast House and Land off the plan – Your options

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live here on the Sunshine Coast. Sure, there are the beaches and the mountains and the affordable luxury new homes but there’s also that incredible local friendliness that only the real Sunny Coast residents understand. We get it, we’re locals too. If you’re making the sea change to the Sunshine Coast or if you’re already one of us and looking for a new home, here’s our local tips for getting the right property.

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How to Decide How Much House You Need

There’s little doubt that homes have grown in size in Australia in the last 50 years, but one of the biggest overall considerations when choosing a new home design is determining the square footage needed. This will differ for different buyers and the members in the household, but it’s an important decision to get right. Interestingly, as in other developed countries, in the last 50 years the home sizes have grown almost 40 per cent, while the average family size has decreased to 2.6 people. This raises an obvious question – how big do you need to go with your home? Continue reading

What NOT to forget when building a new home

Building a new home is an extremely rewarding, satisfying and life-changing experience but it’s not for the ill prepared. There are lots of costs to consider, lots of decisions to be made, and a certain amount of planning that needs to be undertaken by the buyer.

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