How to Decide How Much House You Need

There’s little doubt that homes have grown in size in Australia in the last 50 years, but one of the biggest overall considerations when choosing a new home design is determining the square footage needed. This will differ for different buyers and the members in the household, but it’s an important decision to get right. Interestingly, as in other developed countries, in the last 50 years the home sizes have grown almost 40 per cent, while the average family size has decreased to 2.6 people. This raises an obvious question – how big do you need to go with your home? Continue reading

Best Fit: The Relationship between a block and house position.

Looking for the right builder can be a challenge, but finding one who understands the laws of the land is essential. For a well-designed home that is positioned to take advantage of the natural light, air and reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling, the positioning of your floor plan on the land is an extremely important consideration. It could even influence the final floor plan you go with. Our Sunshine Coast builders explain how why the position of your home is so important in this post. Continue reading