What is ‘future proofing’ your home?

You’ve probably heard a lot about protecting your home and future proofing your investment. But what does this actually mean? At its most broad to future proof something means to take measures against it coming obsolete.

But since a home can’t become obsolete as such, in a competitive property market, a home that is not designed with the future in mind can quickly become undesirable to buyers, or fail to reach a good price. This means it’s essential to think with the future in mind when building a new home. At Dixon Homes ensure only offer smart home designs while using new technology and consider changing demographic trends to make sure a home remains a strong investment into the future. Continue reading

4 traits to look for in a new home builder

Building your own home is one life’s most exciting prospects. Not only will you get to ‘design your life’ the way you like it, but you’ll get the privilege of being the first to live in a brand new home, harnessing the latest in building technology. Building your own home however does come with a lot of decisions to make, and one of the first being choosing between a large number of new home builders. Dixon Homes Sunshine Coast has an expert team of builder with local knowledge and community connections. So what things should you be on the lookout when finding a builder to work for you? There are many but some of the most important include… Continue reading

How to build eco-friendly new homes on the Sunshine Coast

Building an eco-friendly new home is often,in part, an exercise in common sense. We have been in the industry since 1959 and in that amount of time we sure have learned a lot. Our experience is our advantage, and by choosing us it becomes your advantage as well. With the cost of living soaring and the average income staying the same, every money saving practise is becoming so important. We can help you save your money by using our good building sense. Let us explain with three simple examples of how important orientation is when building your new investment. Continue reading

Welcome to Dixon Homes Sunshine Coast

Building a new home is a big decision. We understand that here at Dixon Homes. That is why we have worked really hard to perfect the process. Our approach will ensure that creating your new home on the Sunshine Coast t is a stress-free and enjoyable process. Our team is honest, and we communicate with you through every step of your project. From the initial design to the moment you take the keys to the front door, we will be right there.  We have been building new homes since 1959 and we are proud to say we are an industry leader with a first-class reputation. Continue reading