Designing A New Home To Bring the Outside In

When you are designing a new home and you are lucky enough to be building on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, there’s no denying the importance of allowing your home to capitalise on the natural surroundings. Decorating your new house is certainly one way to ensure you establish a coastal theme, however there are also design options well worth considering that can allow your home to extend beyond the four walls.

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Own a Sloped Block of Land? How to Build the Sunshine Coast Perfect Home

Do you feel that building a new home on your sloping or hilly Sunshine Coast block is out of the question? Luckily there are plenty of Dixon Homes designs available and great ways to make the best use of your unusual lot. There may be some technical and structural implications to consider; however, when you work with Dixon Homes to build your new house, you can leave all the tricky elements up to the builders and enjoy a complicated-free process.

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Where To Build On The Sunshine Coast – The Area’s Hot Suburbs

The Sunshine Coast is home to a number of hot suburbs housing a diverse range of real estate; Beachfront homes, hinterland and rural properties and almost everything in between. Building a new home in this beautiful area of Queensland is something that hundreds of Australians do each and every year. Opting for a relaxed lifestyle amongst the best of what nature can offer, it certainly is an area popular for young couples, professionals, families and retirees. So if you were to build on the Sunshine Coast , where would you look? Here are a few of the best suburbs in the area.

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New Home Prices On The Sunshine Coast – Enjoying The Ultimate Sea Change

New home prices on The Sunshine Coast are what they were on the Gold Coast “back in the day” – now is the time to invest in the beautiful, unspoiled Sunny Coast. The Sunshine Coast is home to a community of Australians who are thoroughly enjoying their sea change. And when new home prices on the Sunshine Coast are so affordable, establishing a long-term presence here amongst the golden beaches and fantastic cafes and restaurants is easy.

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Moving To The Sunshine Coast For A Tree Change? – 5 Reasons Why You Should

As with many areas in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast boasts beautiful beaches, great weather and a really relaxed lifestyle. But there is more to this community than what may typically be promoted. If you are considering a tree change, moving to the Sunshine Coast really is the perfect solution. Whether it’s for work, pleasure or a bit of both, here are 5 reasons why this location really could soon become your new home.

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The Sunshine Coast Property Market Is Glowing

The property market on the Sunshine Coast is a buyer’s dream right now. With indicators showing it is significantly cheaper to buy than rent, it’s the perfect time to make your move into this amazing part of Queensland.
Property can be an especially attractive investment because it is relatively affordable and as a result, tends to draw in first homebuyers and investors. So, if that sounds like you, the time is ripe to make your move, but be aware, it won’t last long.

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Sunshine Coast House and Land off the plan – Your options

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live here on the Sunshine Coast. Sure, there are the beaches and the mountains and the affordable luxury new homes but there’s also that incredible local friendliness that only the real Sunny Coast residents understand. We get it, we’re locals too. If you’re making the sea change to the Sunshine Coast or if you’re already one of us and looking for a new home, here’s our local tips for getting the right property.

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4 Reasons to Live on the Sunshine Coast

Just one hour north of Brisbane is Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, possibly one of Australia’s best stretches of beaches. This stretch of golden coastline and rolling hinterland probably needs no introduction as one of Australia’s best getaways for pleasure seekers and for the people that call this region home, they know very well how lucky they are, and what a good thing they are onto.

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Where to build on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast is home to more than 250,000 people, and many localities, towns, suburbs and centres spanning from Caloundra in the south to Noosa around 65 kilometres to the north. Of this stretch of beautiful coastline, there are many great places to call home. On the Sunshine Coast you can enjoy a relaxed laidback coastal lifestyle that is distinctly different from the Gold Coast. Continue reading