Designing A New Home To Bring the Outside In

When you are designing a new home and you are lucky enough to be building on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, there’s no denying the importance of allowing your home to capitalise on the natural surroundings. Decorating your new house is certainly one way to ensure you establish a coastal theme, however there are also design options well worth considering that can allow your home to extend beyond the four walls.

Natural light

The floor plan you opt for is more than just the placement of rooms. Cleverly designed floor plans position living areas, bedrooms and communal spaces in areas of the home where natural light is in abundance. Incorporating windows in strategic positions not only helps you to save on energy bills but will open up a home and make it feel so much more warm and inviting.

Fresh air

It’s one thing to ensure your home is fitted with natural elements and glass to allow you to see the beautiful views at your doorstep, but you’d have to agree that when you live on the Sunshine Coast, there’s nothing quite like the fresh air and the sea breeze. Designing your home with this in mind will allow air to flow through the home, keeping it cool in summer and fresh all year round.

Alfresco patios

Homes that allow you to spill out from the living zone onto a stunning patio really do extend your entertaining area with so much ease. Remember too that your alfresco patio is not limited to housing a table and chairs. It could be an extension of your garden, which allows it to flow into your home. Oversized sliding doors and cleverly placed plants and flowers really can bring the outside in. It could be a pop of spring colour in hanging baskets, a vegetable garden which allows the smell of fresh herbs to waft into the home or simply some native shrubs.

Natural flooring

Where possible, incorporating natural flooring into your home, seamlessly throughout the house is a smart idea. You’ll find that timber floorboards, cork or even bamboo bring more than just a natural appeal to the inside. They are also very comfortable under foot and will introduce an organic feel that’s so much more inviting.

Natural materials

Another clever way to incorporate nature into your home is by seeking out alternative materials for your commonly purchased household items. Instead of a ceramic basin, consider one made of stone. Not only will natural materials allow features in your home to stand out but they will help to create a consistent flow in the home of natural elements.


When you’re living on the Sunshine Coast, you are blessed to have such beautiful surrounds. Bringing the outside in is so easy when you can incorporate elements found in nature right on your doorstep.

Everything from rocks, shells and driftwood make unique and classical finishing touches to your shelves and side tables. If you are a keen photographer, consider adding some framed photos to your walls of anything amazing that catches your eye.

Simply by adding a touch of nature into your home, reminding you of the trees, the beach or simply the sights and sounds of flora and fauna, you can bring the outside in with ease.

Building with Dixon Homes on the Sunshine Coast

Dixon Homes on the Sunshine Coast offers locals not only over 2000 exclusive new home designs to choose from, but also a range of variations, touches and offers that ensure every new home built is top quality and built to last.

When you are designing a new home to incorporate many of the elements discussed here, it’s comforting to know that there are hundreds of new homes that have alfresco dining areas incorporated into the floor plan as a standard feature. Whether you are building a small two-bedroom home or a spacious six-room house, a single or double storey home or even having to consider a uniquely shaped block of land, there is a design suitable for you.

The SC7601, priced at $127,615 is a well designed, three bedroom home, with two bathrooms and a lock up garage for one car. Not only are the central living zones spacious, but also the kitchen and dining areas open out onto a large alfresco area perfect for a casual meal or entertaining. As a natural extension of the home, this outside area becomes another room in the home and really allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with ease.

If you prefer a double storey home, take a closer look at the ML0810. Priced at $213,752 and offering 211sq.m of spacious living, you can build this home giving you four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a lock up single garage. What makes this design so popular is that you can have the best of both worlds. Downstairs your living, dining and kitchen areas open out onto a beautiful alfresco patio and upstairs all of the bedrooms, including the bonus of a children’s retreat, allow you to take advantage of the natural surrounds. When you are living close to the beach or hidden amongst nature, being able to wake up and take in the views is priceless and something well worth incorporating into your new home.

It is important to note that if you’ve found the home of your dreams but feel there are a few elements you’d like to adjust to ensure that you can do all you possible can to bring the outside in, have a chat to the design team at Dixon Homes. Experienced in building homes for over 50 years, there are bound to be plenty of options available to you.

Building on the Sunshine Coast has never been easier. Pop into a local showroom this weekend and see for yourself the quality of fixtures and fittings and feel just how wonderful your home will be. Ask any questions you have and pick up as many design elements as you can incorporate into your design and floor plan.

Building on the Sunshine Coast? Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream home a reality.