How to Decide How Much House You Need

There’s little doubt that homes have grown in size in Australia in the last 50 years, but one of the biggest overall considerations when choosing a new home design is determining the square footage needed. This will differ for different buyers and the members in the household, but it’s an important decision to get right. Interestingly, as in other developed countries, in the last 50 years the home sizes have grown almost 40 per cent, while the average family size has decreased to 2.6 people. This raises an obvious question – how big do you need to go with your home?

When you build a new home you have the chance to choose the exact size you need, and there’s a few important things to consider. Too small can limit your options and the way you use the home, however too large can take away valuable outdoor space, and cost more to build and maintain. Some of the main points to consider are below.

How to determine space requirements

To start with, consider your existing home size and whether or not there are rooms that are rarely used, or a lack of space. Consider the areas of the home you spend most time in and whether they are large enough, or could be smaller. Sometimes master suites take up to 20 percent of the floor plan, which is OK if the room is used for more than sleeping, but a smaller main bedroom and larger lounge may be a better option.

It sounds obvious, but the number of people living in the home can determine the size of home to build.  If it’s just a couple, a 2 bedroom homes with enough other living areas can be more than sufficient and will be more affordable to build, maintain and heat and cool, while being easier to keep clean. However for those starting a family, it’s worth planning for this in the floor plan. The amount of time you think you are going to live in the home is another consideration or if you work from home.  Savings goals and the financial benefits of  taking out a smaller mortgage may be another reason people make do with a smaller floor plan. Additionally the block size can influence the house size as well as the outdoor living space required.

Do more with less – with the right layout

A smart design can mean you can do more than you may think is possible with a smaller floor plan and accommodate different activities and requirements. Consider multi purpose rooms that double for different purposes i.e study and spare bedroom, and smart storage solutions throughout the home so you’ll have space to keep everything organized.

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