Moving To The Sunshine Coast For A Tree Change? – 5 Reasons Why You Should

As with many areas in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast boasts beautiful beaches, great weather and a really relaxed lifestyle. But there is more to this community than what may typically be promoted. If you are considering a tree change, moving to the Sunshine Coast really is the perfect solution. Whether it’s for work, pleasure or a bit of both, here are 5 reasons why this location really could soon become your new home.

1. Move to a great local community

One of the key aspects that really stand out amongst locals, who live on the Sunshine Coast, is their community spirit. They are warm, friendly and really support each other, especially in the Hinterland area. There are plenty of local community events; festivals and markets to become involved in and if you are seeking an opportunity to volunteer you’ll never run out of options.

If it’s a close neighbourhood you are after, you won’t be disappointed. Neighbours know each other, the Primary School principal knows each student by their name and who belongs to whom. That sense of community belonging is quite rare and what makes the Sunshine Coast so unique in its own way.

2. Local markets and fresh produce

Those who live in the Hinterland areas are very much connected to the land and with support from local council, are able put in and take much out of it.

Whilst tourism to the area is key, so too is local food and the thriving markets and fresh produce are evidence of this. Eumundi Markets, for example, is a popular tourist attraction and an opportunity for locals to not only showcase their creative side but also handicrafts, art and amazing food.

3. A love of nature

If you have a love of nature, moving to the Sunshine Coast will give you so many opportunities to really get up close and personal. The Hinterland is the area where people go to when they are after a real tree change, and being so close to amazing beaches too, they can also enjoy a sea change. Best of both worlds!

Living here will give you the chance to have a home that is not on top of your neighbours, the chance to see and hear the birds during the day and watch the wildlife do what comes naturally in their own habitat.

4. Plenty of time to relax

You’ll be able to enjoy a much quieter and slower pace of life here so if you are seeking an escape from city life and no longer wanting the hustle and bustle of crowds this is a place well worth considering. Moving here really gives locals the chance to re-evaluate their wants and the chance to enjoy life without just existing day to day.

5. The best of both worlds

To be honest, those that move the Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast really do have the best of both worlds. The location means residents are not too far from the beach and surf, close enough to the larger shopping centres for when the need arises yet still able to be amongst the simple things in life and enjoy the green and rural outlook.

From an employment perspective, work in the hospitality industry is popular in this area too due to the high volume of tourists to more popular beachside locations, so there are always opportunities to pursue.

And if you’re after a weekend away, you are only a relatively short drive to Brisbane and linked to a fantastic transportation network to allow you to travel to other areas of the country.

Considering relocating to the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast is home to many well-known suburbs including Noosa and Maroochydore however homes there typically come with a large price tag. So if you are looking for a more affordable suburb, close to amenities, there are plenty of opportunities available where you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

The beaches, holiday resorts and attractions are definitely popular with tourists from all over the world, but living and visiting the area are really quite different.

Moving here also gives you the opportunity to downsize or take on a whole new way of life. And it is not just the older retiree population that considers making the change. In Australia almost 80% of those who move to coastal regions are aged less than 50.

Sound like you?

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