New Home Prices On The Sunshine Coast – Enjoying The Ultimate Sea Change

New home prices on The Sunshine Coast are what they were on the Gold Coast “back in the day” – now is the time to invest in the beautiful, unspoiled Sunny Coast. The Sunshine Coast is home to a community of Australians who are thoroughly enjoying their sea change. And when new home prices on the Sunshine Coast are so affordable, establishing a long-term presence here amongst the golden beaches and fantastic cafes and restaurants is easy.

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to build a new home. Not only does it need to suit your current lifestyle and needs but you should also take into account possible future needs. If you are shopping around for the ultimate design, have you considered browsing through the 2000+ new home designs exclusive to Dixon Homes?

How your block of land can determine the home you build

It is important to be aware that the way you choose to build your new home will greatly impact the design but also your energy bills. Whilst all Dixon Homes’ new home designs include energy efficient options, it’s a good idea to ensure your home can remain warm in winter and cool in summer, simply by the nature of its design and position.

Hot Sunshine Coast summers can be enjoyed outdoors however inside, you’ll want your bedrooms to be on the south side to naturally remain cooler. On the other hand, living areas that face north can take advantage of winter sunshine and provide for natural heating without the cost.

Beachside family home views of ocean

How much would you pay for an idyllic new house on the Sunny Coast? It’s the lifestyle that makes all of Europe jealous – and yet new home prices are incredibly reasonable. Dixon Homes offer Sunshine Coast residents 30 incredible double storey home designs to choose from and whilst they are all exclusive, they can be all tailored to suit your tastes, by choosing from the hundreds of variations on offer.

When you are working with a small block, the FR204 could be just what you need. Priced at $153,000 this 138sq.m home fits 3 rooms, one bathroom plus a double lock up garage. And with all living zones upstairs, there is no excuse why you cannot enjoy the great views on offer.

For a slightly larger home with more open plan living areas, the FR8501 offers the same 3 bedroom layout and double lock up garage, however also provides for an additional bathroom. Covering 216sq.m again with all living areas upstairs, the views of the Sunshine Coast surrounds can be enjoyed potentially from any of the bedrooms plus the meals area.

Then there’s the ultimate home that can suit a family of 5 plus allow for a home office or even a separate study. The FC8502 will give you 267sq.m of luxury living for $238, 825. All 5 bedrooms including the main with ensuite are upstairs and the kitchen, dining and living zones are downstairs along with the 6th room. With 3 bathrooms all up plus space for 2 cars, there is plenty to love about this home.

Enjoying the great outdoors on The Sunshine Coast

When you live in this beautiful part of Australia, it’s no surprise that you’ll love the ability to enjoy the outdoors. And even though the beach is all around, surprisingly, swimming pools are on the wish list for many new homebuyers. When you own a block of land that can allow for your backyard to become home to entertaining and relaxation, designing a house to suit your style is important. Depending on the size of your lot, a single or double storey home can be built.

The AR4003 single storey home is priced at just over $127,000 and gives you 4 spacious rooms, and two bathrooms. Requiring a lot width of 18.27sq.m, this 145sq.m home offers an open plan living, dining and kitchen area which opens right out onto a beautiful alfresco meals area. Could this be just what you are looking for? This home design does not allow for off-street parking, however the SR 4031 design does.

Slightly larger at 192sq.m and only a fraction more expensive at just over $137,000, this design will give you the same spacious open plan living, plus a double lock up garage and a slightly larger alfresco living space. Requiring a lot size of 24.92 m this is the ultimate home with options for entertaining.

New home prices on the Sunshine Coast offered by all of Dixon Homes’ 2000+ designs are affordable and most importantly can be tailored to suit your individual budget. Whether you are looking to build a small home just for you and your partner, or a house that can cater for unexpected family and friends, there is definitely a new home just for you. With land prices on the rise, new home prices on the Sunshine Coast are set to soar – get in now and invest in a real lifestyle choice!

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