Own a Sloped Block of Land? How to Build the Sunshine Coast Perfect Home

Do you feel that building a new home on your sloping or hilly Sunshine Coast block is out of the question? Luckily there are plenty of Dixon Homes designs available and great ways to make the best use of your unusual lot. There may be some technical and structural implications to consider; however, when you work with Dixon Homes to build your new house, you can leave all the tricky elements up to the builders and enjoy a complicated-free process.

Don’t let a block of land with an unusual angle or perspective deter you from building. Let’s take a look at some of the designs available and see how building on the Sunshine Coast can reward you with the perfect house—and without any of the hassles.

Dealing with a sloping site

There is no denying that a sloping block of land can add a range of complexities to building a new home, but it can also result in designing a home full of interesting and unique features. Remember, your new home does not need to be a standard floor plan, a standard look or a design mirroring your neighbours’. It needs to be a design true to your unique tastes, fit for purpose and built as efficiently as possible. And that’s where Dixon Homes can help.

One of the most important elements to consider is the position or orientation of your new home on the block of land. Depending on the slope you are working with, you may be limited to a particular design, but it is still important from an efficiency perspective as to which direction the home faces. Of course, when you live on the Sunshine Coast, you may even be fortunate to have beautiful views to enjoy, so making the most of your natural surrounds is also important.

Working closely with your builder is essential to ensure that bedrooms are located more towards the eastern or southern end of the home, and living zones towards the north. Simple placement decisions go a long way to ensuring you can minimise heating and cooling expenses, have less outlays and improve your comfort level.

Another aspect to consider is the direction of the slope. Does the land fall from the road (down), or does it rise from the road? Or does it slope from left to right? This can make a big impact on the ultimate design and the layout of the home.

Home designs for sloping blocks

Dixon Homes doesn’t just build standard homes on standard blocks. They have over 2000 exclusive new home designs available and many perfectly suited for more difficult blocks, so a quick call to the design team will set you on the right path.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the more popular designs, created exclusively for land that is not your standard size or shape.

The FR8510 is the hillside lot design that works perfectly to accommodate sloping land whilst still providing fabulous living opportunities. For just over $225 000, this four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is cleverly designed and covers 226 square metres. Downstairs provides access to the double lockup garage, laundry and entry, and upstairs all of the rooms plus living zones and kitchen are spread out, opening onto an alfresco patio. When you are living on the Sunshine Coast, near to the beach or the natural surrounds, this is a great home design that allows you to make the most of the priceless views and still take advantage of a block of land that many may turn away from because of the odd shape.

Depending on the slope of the block, variations to the floor plan can be made and this is where it pays to chat to building experts who have experience and expert advice. One call to Dixon Homes will ensure all of your questions are answered and you will be that much closer to building your new home.

Building a split level home

With a block of land that has a few different levels, a split-level design may be the most appropriate. As with all Dixon Homes designs, they can be adjusted to suit the property and the final result will see you maximising the value of your home, enjoying abundant natural light and air-flow and a design perfectly suited to follow the slope of your land. Some of the more interesting homes are created on land that is not flat. The best advice is to never discount the possibilities.

There are many functional aspects to take into account and that is where a good designer is very valuable. Making the most of your block of land is critical; so consider some of the smaller things like the best way to access your garage, where would you place a clothesline and if you were to set up an outdoor meals area, how could you best accommodate that? Consider your lifestyle needs, where your children will want to play, and day-to-day tasks that need to be catered for so that your house is not just four walls and a roof, but a home. The Dixon Homes team has plenty of experience and can offer a range of solutions and, most importantly, bring to your attention elements of a design that you may not have initially thought about.

Dixon Homes offers great advice for residents building on the Sunshine Coast. If you own a block of land that does not meet your ideal slope or dimensions, or you have concerns about regulations for such a block, don’t discount the opportunities available to you. Building on the Sunshine Coast is easy when you partner with Dixon Homes. Building a brand new home on land you own that is not a standard size or shape, is easy, affordable and exciting. You are bound to be impressed with the design ideas on offer and you’ll be moving into your dream home on no time. Give the team a call to take the first step.

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