4 Reasons to Live on the Sunshine Coast

Just one hour north of Brisbane is Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, possibly one of Australia’s best stretches of beaches. This stretch of golden coastline and rolling hinterland probably needs no introduction as one of Australia’s best getaways for pleasure seekers and for the people that call this region home, they know very well how lucky they are, and what a good thing they are onto.

The Sunshine Coast is accessible to so many in Australia, and for those considering a lifestyle change for the better, here are 4 solid reasons to move to Australia’s lifestyle capital. Continue reading

Fixed or Variable Home Loans? Finding the Best Option for You

Home loans are comprised in one of two major categories – fixed and variable rates. When arranging finance for new homes this will be one of the major choices that you consider.

With interest rates at almost record lows, and the lowest they’ve been in around 60 years it might seem like choosing a fixed rate is the best option during the current period, however for many homeowners a variable interest rate offers the flexibility that they need from their mortgage.

The team at Dixon Homes Sunshine Coast explain the major differences between the two options in our latest post.

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Where to build on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast is home to more than 250,000 people, and many localities, towns, suburbs and centres spanning from Caloundra in the south to Noosa around 65 kilometres to the north. Of this stretch of beautiful coastline, there are many great places to call home. On the Sunshine Coast you can enjoy a relaxed laidback coastal lifestyle that is distinctly different from the Gold Coast. Continue reading

What is ‘future proofing’ your home?

You’ve probably heard a lot about protecting your home and future proofing your investment. But what does this actually mean? At its most broad to future proof something means to take measures against it coming obsolete.

But since a home can’t become obsolete as such, in a competitive property market, a home that is not designed with the future in mind can quickly become undesirable to buyers, or fail to reach a good price. This means it’s essential to think with the future in mind when building a new home. At Dixon Homes ensure only offer smart home designs while using new technology and consider changing demographic trends to make sure a home remains a strong investment into the future. Continue reading

What NOT to forget when building a new home

Building a new home is an extremely rewarding, satisfying and life-changing experience but it’s not for the ill prepared. There are lots of costs to consider, lots of decisions to be made, and a certain amount of planning that needs to be undertaken by the buyer.

Here at Dixon Homes we want the best lifestyle possible for you in your new home, that’s why we’ve put together this list of seemingly small, but nonetheless very important things to remember when building your new home. Continue reading

Finding the right suburb to call home

Before you even begin to build, one of your first and undoubtedly most important decisions to make is deciding where to call home. We’ve all heard the real estate mantra of ‘location, location’ and as well-worn as the phrase as it is, it’s for good reason. Choosing the right suburb and location will influence your lifestyle and day to day routine.

Here at Dixon Homes we build homes across many unique lifestyle communities on the Sunshine Coast, and with good access to public transport and the beautiful beaches here, the right location will also add value and help you secure your future. We share some advice and some important considerations when location scouting for your new home. Continue reading

Best Fit: The Relationship between a block and house position.

Looking for the right builder can be a challenge, but finding one who understands the laws of the land is essential. For a well-designed home that is positioned to take advantage of the natural light, air and reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling, the positioning of your floor plan on the land is an extremely important consideration. It could even influence the final floor plan you go with. Our Sunshine Coast builders explain how why the position of your home is so important in this post. Continue reading

Top Community Events on the Sunshine Coast in 2013

2013 is almost half way through, and while some great community events have already been and gone on the Sunshine Coast that doesn’t mean there isn’t some great action still ahead of us on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland’s ultimate lifestyle destination. Without further ado, the Sunshine Coast’s premier builders at Dixon Homes bring to your some of the best community events the coast has to offer in the second half of 2013. Continue reading