Sunshine Coast House and Land off the plan – Your options

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live here on the Sunshine Coast. Sure, there are the beaches and the mountains and the affordable luxury new homes but there’s also that incredible local friendliness that only the real Sunny Coast residents understand. We get it, we’re locals too. If you’re making the sea change to the Sunshine Coast or if you’re already one of us and looking for a new home, here’s our local tips for getting the right property.

What do you want from your new home on the Sunshine Coast?

Everyone wants to live near the beach but beachfront homes can exceed your price range – and let’s face it, everyone buying a home on the Sunshine Coast is relatively close to the beach!  Sunshine Coast boasts quality hospitals and schools (both private and public) as well as a university campus, so it makes a perfect home for families of all ages. The country lifestyle with the city convenience is a huge draw card the reason so many people are flocking to the Sunshine Coast right now.

The Sunshine Coast is a sixty kilometre long piece of paradise and there are gems to be found in every location.

The beaches – oh the beaches.  For most people planning a family or retirement sea change, the Sunshine Coast beachfront suburbs are the first choice. The most sought after areas are Caloundra, Maroochydore, Alexandra Headlands, Marcoola, Coolum and Noosa Heads. With Sunshine Coast booming (described as a high demand market by real estate assessors) buying a new house close to the in-demand beach suburbs makes investment sense – if they haven’t already boomed!  While in demand is high in Alexandra Headlands, the accompanying price tag might not be within budget. Luckily, the affordable house price ship hasn’t sailed in many of the neighbouring regions.  All over the Sunshine Coast there are suburbs on the move and suburbs benefitting from nearby boomtowns.  No matter what you want from your new home, you’ll be spoiled for opportunity on the Sunny Coast.

Tree change buyers – The Sunshine Coast’s biggest attraction is the proximity to both beach and mountains. Not just any mountains either – breathtakingly gorgeous mountains dotted with charming towns and quality amenities.   Nambour, Maleny, Mapleton down to sweeping rural scenes and farming communities to the east of the hinterland.  Inland areas like Yandina or Palmwoods are experiencing incredible demand (some well above Queensland’s average) and yet are still available at a buyer-friendly price.  Now is the right time to get into these markets.

Proximity to Brisbane – Need to commute to Brisbane for work?  The southern tip of the coast around Pelican Water sand Caloundra delivers the easiest road commute combined with those fabulous family friendly beaches.  If you’d prefer the fast rail service, Landsborough region, with it’s close community, gorgeous mountain backdrop and scenic Ewan Dam makes for the perfect tree change for commuters.


Buying “off the plan” on The Sunshine Coast

Considering buying off the plan?  The Sunshine Coast is a market that is on the move – and prices vary widely between suburbs. Buying off the plan is usually recommended when you need a fixed price and a little more time to get your pennies saved.  It’s also recommended when you have an opportunity to grab hold of a great opportunity before it opens up to the masses.  Buying off the plan isn’t for every buyer and certainly isn’t for every region, but The Sunshine Coast is perfect for off the plan buyers.  Consider this option if you could do with a little more cash, a fixed price and the ability to jump on good opportunities.


House and land packages on the Sunshine Coast

While the Sunshine Coast doesn’t face the challenges of remote areas (lack of building supplies and reliable tradesmen) it does have some unique zoning challenges that can cause you paperwork nightmares. Building a new home yourself, co-ordinating tradespeople, managing paperwork…it’s more stressful than you might realise.  National parkland, tourism related zoning and access to amenities can cause unforseen challenges for new home builders.  When you decide on a house and land package, you avoid many of these paperwork nightmares and can easily access any additional information you need – via your house and land package provider.  You’ll also have access to architectural design with special little features that make your new house a stunning home.

Learn more about house and land packages here


 Do I really want a new home?

For first homebuyers, building a new home offers substantial government assistance so it’s well worth considering.  If you’re buying an existing house on the Sunshine Coast, you may be forced to choose from a generic “touristy” apartment or from the smaller “shacks” left over from the region’s harder times.   Often an older home, in need of substantial renovation, will cost more to bring up to standard than simply buying a beautiful turnkey new home – and you won’t spend every weekend renovating!  If you aren’t sure what you can afford or if you’ve got big ideas for your budget – it’s worth looking at new home options first.

Whether it’s for sea/tree change or you’re already a resident here, we can help you make a home on the stunning Sunshine Coast.  We’re always happy to answer your questions about buying off the plan, choosing a house and land package or just getting more information about your new home options.  Dixon Homes can help you get the right deal for your budget and needs.