Where To Build On The Sunshine Coast – The Area’s Hot Suburbs

The Sunshine Coast is home to a number of hot suburbs housing a diverse range of real estate; Beachfront homes, hinterland and rural properties and almost everything in between. Building a new home in this beautiful area of Queensland is something that hundreds of Australians do each and every year. Opting for a relaxed lifestyle amongst the best of what nature can offer, it certainly is an area popular for young couples, professionals, families and retirees. So if you were to build on the Sunshine Coast , where would you look? Here are a few of the best suburbs in the area.

Affluent suburbs on the Sunshine Coast

There’s no shortage of prime real estate on the Sunshine Coast and properties with magnificent waterfront views valued in the millions. Surprisingly these prestige homes are in short supply because the local council has placed a development cap on such multi-million dollar properties. If you are fortunate enough to have the budget to stretch far and wide and can snap up a block of land in Noosa or Sunshine Beach on the coast, you’re definitely going to be rubbing shoulders with the more affluent residents.

Whilst Noosa is a tourism mecca, Sunshine Beach is almost a hidden gem on the boarder of the Noosa National Park. The residents love this area due to its quaint village feel and convenience of local shops, cafes and schools. There’s plenty of nature surrounding homes in this area and has become one of the most sought after addresses.

First home buyers in search of affordable prices

Living on the Sunshine Coast allows you to not only spend time in the beautiful suburbs, including Noosa, but also, and most importantly, afford a property that perfectly suits your budget. And if you are a first homebuyer or seeking an investment property opportunity where you can secure land and build a brand new home, have a close look at Caloundra.

More recently house prices in the area have started an upward trend however still offer entry-level prices. The reason for the spark of interest in this established area is due to the infrastructure investment and expansion to the rail line which connecting Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast offering enormous employment benefits to residents.

Whilst the demographics in this area are typically older Australians, recent progression has seen younger couples investing in land and securing themselves their first home.

The facilities in this suburb are well established and with plenty of access to the Sunshine Coast’s beaches plus restaurants and the opportunity to enjoy a very relaxed way of life, this area is undervalued and bound to enjoy much growth.

Families love Mountain Creek on the Coast

If you are seeking a well-established suburb on the Sunshine Coast that really offers everything you could want for your family, take a look at Mountain Creek. Families who live in the area believe it truly is the best place on the Sunshine Coast to raise a family.

From childcare to primary and secondary schools, to the community feel and close proximity to Mooloolaba, this area is definitely a location to enjoy for the long term. Property owners can easily access popular beaches, kids happily and safely play in the local playgrounds and there are plenty of BBQ and picnic areas too. If you need to head out of town, there is also easy access to the Sunshine Motorway so you are never too far from anything.

One thing that is very obvious in the Mountain Creek area is that property sizes are much larger than neighbouring areas, which is a bonus for families. This allows for the building of a brand new home that not only satisfies your current requirements, but also caters for a growing family.

Partnering with Dixon Homes ensures that the floor plan you opt for not only meets your budget but is cleverly designed so that you can really enjoy the lifestyle you are seeking. And if you are fortunate enough to own land with a view or on a hill, capitalising on these features will give you million-dollar views for the fraction of the cost.

Suburbs to build your new home on the Sunshine Coast

Catering for all budgets and needs, Dixon Homes offers over 2000 new home designs and hundreds of variations, which means that your design is as unique as you are. With the ability to also customise your bathroom and kitchen too, you’ll be building a new home with features you possibly thought were out of reach.

Take the time to visit one of Dixon Homes’ showrooms and chat to the experienced team. Ask questions and browse the many designs on offer. You’ll be on the way to securing the home of your dreams in no time.

Building a new home on the Sunshine Coast on one of the hot suburbs is easy.

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